Трифонов Вадим Евгеньевич

About me

My name is Vadim Trifonov and this is my personal web page. I was born in the city of Shchelkino. Now I’m 18. I live in Simferopol, because I’m studying in college. About what I’m interested in, you can see in the Hobbies. I think this enough for homework.
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One of my «hobbies» (if I may call it that) is self-education. I think that self-education is important for every person, especially for me. Self-education gives more than a school or college (especially in our country, where education deteriorates year by year). Thanks to self-education, I can learn much more interesting for me.

Another one of my hobbies is music. I think that music is absolutely necessary for all people, without exception, as music helps many to open their souls, to feel themselves as a different person. Music is harmony, this is life. It gives a sea of emotions, both positive and negative. I play the guitar and it allows me to develop creatively.
Reading books

The benefits of reading books are obvious. Useful reading (reading good books) expands the outlook of a person, enriches his inner world, makes smarter and positively affects memory. I enjoy reading. My favorite genre is science fiction (or just fantasy).